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Power, Passion, Purpose.

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Life & Business Success Coach

Do you feel STUCK?

  • Not getting the results you desire?

  • Unsure of what is next in your life?

  • Unfulfilled?

  • Unhappy or unloved?

  • Ready for a change? 

There are 2 ways to live: by default or by design


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  • Don't allow your past to dictate your future.

  • Design a life that you love to live!

  • Overcome your subconscious programming

  • Reprogram your mind for greatness.

  • Decide for your Self, your family, & career. 

  • Overcome fear, doubt, worry.

  • Step outside your comfort zone in the effort of complete and total transformation!

Introducing a better way of being.
Infinite SOULutions, LLC provides you with the tools and resources necessary to make positive and transformational shifts in your life and business.

Gain the clarity, confidence, and strategic direction to 25X your results!

Meet Carrie

Revolutionary. Bold. Authentic.

Transformational Life & Business Success Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Enterprise Change Agent & Spiritual Thought Leader. 

"I put the SOUL in SOULutions!" 

Founder & CEO of Infinite SOULutions, LLC, Carrie has been transforming multi-million dollar companies, teams, and personal lives for over 15 years.

Her Vision:
"Reach, teach, and transform
over 1M lives globally by helping to
raise human consciousness and 
mental health awareness."







Your mindset matters!

Your thoughts, belief systems, core values, self talk, attitudes, and behaviors all contribute to your ultimate success.

Don't allow limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and old paradigms to define you.

Reprogram your mind for greatness!

Build a roadmap to success!

Bridge the gap between your current results and future results.


Clearly define your vision of the future, set SMART goals, gain insights to accomplish each goal faster than ever before.

Get a strategic plan tailored to your needs.

A proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation!

Every good player needs a coach. Get the support you need and deserve to begin make lasting improvements.

Accountability is key to overcoming challenges and sustaining success. Carrie has over 15 years of experience coaching individuals and teams.

A proven structure of support!

Tools that Transform!

Get access to hundreds of online tools and resources to help you with strategic planning, goal setting, and so much more.

We offer audios, videos, guided meditations, lesson plans, golden nuggets, assessments, and workbooks to help with your journey.

Sign up for a program today!

Get Behind The SCREEN


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Mary Morrissey

"Behind the Screen can change the way you look at your life and what you can do to make your dreams come true.

I admire Carrie's courage by sharing her personal stories of struggle and her resilient willpower to rise above the limitations she faced at certain times in her life."

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