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Isabel Almeida, 
Customer Service

Very quickly, Carrie learned our current way of processing orders and handling customer service inquiries.  She introduced a new system of operations that made my job a great deal easier! She inspired me to learn and be open to change through trying things that are out of my comfort zone in the effort of positive growth. She has the beautiful quality of bringing out the best in people.

Jason rice.jpg

Jason Rice,

The result of working with Carrie has been a true awakening. She understands the true potential of people and is able to coach and mentor them in a way that allows them to see it in themselves while providing them with both the tools and motivation to actually achieve that potential.  She creates an awakening of the spirit and the mind. When I tell you she changes the way people look at the world and how they interact in it, I mean it in a transformational way I have never experienced before.