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Uncover the Truth: Connect to your Power, Passion, Purpose!

Total Transformation
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Do you feel Unfulfilled? Unhappy? Unloved? Alone?

Are you tired of fighting a losing battle?

We all struggle with certain situations in life. Oftentimes, we lose sight of the power we hold and what’s really important. Society has become lost in a world of perfection and instant gratification. Our search for more keeps the ego thriving, but ultimately leaves us feeling unfulfilled. 


Most of us see life through a foggy screen, because we are conditioned by our past experiences. The “screen” is your lens of life, how you perceive yourself, others, and your environment. Those experiences influence the way you think, feel, and react to other people and situations. Your actions, whether conscious or unconscious, end up becoming your results.

Behind the Screen will change the way you look at life from all perspectives. Peel back layers of conditioning and gain a conscious perspective as you read Carrie’s real-life stories in dealing with the effects of divorce as a child, heartbreak, racism and family abandonment as a teenager, drug and alcohol abuse that led to her moment of awakening. 


7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation

Reflect upon your own Life Timeline and apply the powerful 7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation to:

  • Uncover unconscious behavior patterns and self-sabotaging habits,

  • Overcome your subconscious programming,

  • Release suppressed emotions,

  • Reprogram your mind, 

  • Stop letting fear, worry, shame, or resentment limit your growth!


Learn the science behind spirituality, connect to your power, and co-create the life you truly desire!  It’s time we all dive into that rabbit hole and seek the knowledge we deserve to know about ourselves and the Universe. We need to get behind the screen and clean it. 

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Chapter 5

The Teenage Screen

~ Searching for Love
~ A Broken Heart

Bonus Exercise

Life Timeline Journal:

Reflect upon your teenage screen

Chapter 7

A Catalyst for Change

~ Egoic Illusions
~ Mental Health Crisis
~ Fitting Into the Box
~ Fractal Patterns
~An Invisible Force

Bonus Exercise

Life Timeline Journal:

The Looking Glass

Chapter 11

Releasing Repressed Emotions

~ Step 5--Release It
~ Methods of Energy Release

Bonus Exercise 

Life Timeline Journal:


“Every once in a while, you stumble across something in your life that ends up changing it on a metamorphic scale. This book has truly been a catalyst in awakening my ability to see my past, present, and future like never before. The raw, unapologetic introspection by the author makes what could have been a complex and scientific process of self-examination and turns it into a visceral story of hope and redemption. Behind the Screen is a brilliant book!”

~ Jason Rice, CEO of Master Solutions 

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