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Whatever You are Searching for is Already Within You.

  • Are you searching for love? Stop. You must love yourself first!

  • Are you searching for an escape? Whatever you are trying to escape from will continue to show up until you deal with the root cause of the issue.

  • Searching for purpose? Go within.

  • Passion? You got it!

  • Power?! Yes → that would be you.

Everything you truly need is within you. Life is a journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning. It's an opportunity to find your true Self → your higher Self.

I spent most of my life searching for…________________________________________________.

Fill in the blank

"He who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." ~Carl Jung

When I was a little girl, my parents fought a lot. I would hide in my sister's bedroom and turn the music up really loud so I didn’t have to hear the yelling. I was searching for an escape. That escape turned into loneliness.

My family split up, forcing me to change homes, schools, and friends. I felt very insecure. That insecurity turned into a yearning for security.

I spent 5 years going back and forth to home (none of them really felt like home), being pawned off onto my sister to watch me… I felt like no one really cared or loved me. I started searching for love, because I felt very unloved.

Can you see the pattern? Can you relate in some way to this pattern of life, circumstances or behaviors?

We need a few key elements in life.

  1. Love and Security

When we don't receive these, our human nature is to survive. We build defense mechanisms to survive the pain, sorrow, or struggle we feel. We build walls. We find a way to survive without.

When those two elements are missing in a child’s life, then it’s highly likely they will continue to feel that void and search for ways to fill it’s feelings of emptiness.

The problem is that this search may turn into toxicity.

  • We have expectations. We get let down.

  • We have needs. Our needs are not met.

We resort to other avenues of escape. They fill the void, temporarily. Then we are left to face a new day with the same darkness from before.

Take your darkness into the light - it will disappear instantaneously. But you must stay focused on the light. Believe in the light. Desire the light. Be the light.

You don't have to stay stuck going through the same story... year after year. Searching. The SOULution is within you. The work must be done to rid your subconscious from the program that have been playing on repeat (probably for too many years).

You can overcome the faulty programming from your past and reclaim your life, NOW! It's up to YOU to take action. Make the choice. I want to change! I want to love myself. I want to feel secure and at peace.

Learn how I applied the 7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation to harness my #power, #passion, #purpose!

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