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Why Am I SO Hard on Myself?! How to Stop Self Sabotage...

Have you ever thought about how often you beat yourself up (in your own mind)?!

I am not good enough. I'm stupid! I'm an idiot! I can't do anything right. No one loves me. No one understands me. I'm #unlovable! I will never amount to anything. I'm so #ugly.

We can be our own WORST ENEMY!

It's easy to get lost in the constant chatter going on in your mind. There is so much to do with such little time. We are bombarded with distractions, instant notifications, and expectations of others. Life can seem #overwhelming at times. It doesn't help when your inner critic won't shut up! That voice continues to point out your shortcomings and insecurities. If we don't pay attention, it will run the show like a movie director. Is it time to take the controls back and connect to your power? Stop allowing that voice to sabotage your results in life!

I've struggled with the unruly voice in my head and allowed it to cloud my own judgment. I've caught myself saying, "I'm an idiot!" or "No one cares about me!" I have allowed my egoic mind to run the show while my power was depleted by the feelings of loneliness and guilt.

"The ego speaks first and it always speaks the loudest."

I WILL NOT DO IT ANYMORE! I choose to take my power back.

Make a conscious decision today to begin noticing when your inner critic shows up. Apply these 5 practical strategies to stop self-sabotaging your results in life.

Tip #1 - Befriend your Inner Critic

There are two ways to look at life. First, is through your egoic lens and the other is through your spiritual lens. Decide which lens you want to use to view your life today. Life is much easier and less stressful when you are in harmony with yourself and with others. Put on your spiritual lens and confront your ego or inner critic. Have an introductory conversation with it, yes, that's right... in your own head. Allow the two sides to acquaint each other. Introduce your spiritual side to the egoic side and define the rules of engagement moving forward.

"Hello ego. I am the lens of love and gratitude. Carrie and I appreciate your efforts to keep her safe and comfortable. We understand your perspective. The truth is that Carrie has free will and the power to choose what she believes in. From now on, Carrie will choose to focus on empowering thoughts and self love."

That's it. Tell your ego who is in charge and where you intend to place your focus.

Tip #2 - Observe your Thoughts

This is the most powerful thing you can do to shift the trajectory of your life. We think an average of 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis and 80% of them are negative! This should become the most important practice you do. Start to pay attention to the way you think - at all times. It's almost like taking a seat outside of your mind and just being an observer of the thoughts that run through your head. Don't engage with them - just notice. As you begin to notice certain thoughts, take note of when they are self-sabotaging. Notice if you have patterns or certain ways of thinking within particular situations or around certain types of people. Get curious about the patterns, but just continue to observe and notice from an outside perspective. This helps raise your level of #awareness.

"All of us are watchers – of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway – but few are observers. Everyone is looking, not many are seeing.” –Peter M. Leschak

Tip #3 - Decide for your Higher Self

I AM Good Enough. I AM Worthy. I CAN do anything I put my 'spiritual' mind to. I choose not to listen to my inner critic anymore! I choose to override its antics and false viewpoints with my power. My power is my will. My will is to be happy, loved, free, and at peace. I know that any time spent in chaos is wasted.

Where I place my attention is where I direct my energy. My energy is more powerful when it is directed towards empowering thoughts and self-fulfilling prophecies.

Decide for your "Self "that you will #consciously choose to override any egoic thought patterns, limiting beliefs, or self-sabotaging thoughts.

Tip #4 - Strengthen your Spiritual Mind

You have the power. You were born with the power. We just become conditioned throughout our Life Timeline journey and lose sight of our spiritual abilities. If you are reading this, then you must want to make a shift in your life. To change is to do something different. Do this. Strengthen your lens of love and gratitude. Focus on what you have. Focus on what you love. Feed your mind with goodness. Feed it with empowering thoughts.

I AM Smart. I AM Kind. I AM Compassionate. I AM Loved.

" I AM that I AM "

Start training your mind, like you train your body at the gym, to remember these repetitions.

I AM... fill in the blank. Write it down and repeat it throughout the day.

Tip #5 - Promote your Spiritual Mind to Director

You co-create your reality. Give the egoic lens a back seat and make your higher mind the director of your screen show. Your life is like a movie that you can direct, consciously. When you notice the ego speaking up, pause. Breathe. Then gracefully thank it for it's input, but choose to give your energy and attention to your higher mind. Replace any egoic thoughts with more empowering and self-fulfilling thoughts. Create new thought patterns by repeating mantras, and affirmations, and reprogramming your mind to recall those instead of the egoic illusions. Discern between the truth and illusions. State the facts and override the false viewpoints of your inner critic. Stuff a tomato in its face!

Love your Self. Empower your Self. Be your True Self.

You are a luminous light being filled with so many gifts, abilities, and transformational qualities. Tap into the light of your heart and fill your mind with positive beliefs about yourself. You are in control of your life. Guide it in a positive direction... it all begins with your thoughts. Choose empowering thoughts. I AM Beautiful. I AM Loved. I AM LOVE.

Sending you loving and positive energy. I hope that you feel it flowing into your mind, body, and soul. Ground that energy and reconnect to it later on when you need its power.


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