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Are You Low on Energy? What Fills Your Cup?

Have you thought about that lately? WHAT FILLS YOUR CUP?

How full is your tank of energy?

Do you give and give and give until you're empty?

Your energy is your fuel. Where you place your time and attention is where your energy flows.

Be mindful of your energy.

It expands and contracts. We are energetic beings having a human experience - giving off and receiving certain frequencies of this powerful life force.

How full is your energy tank?

Out of fuel - on empty
You are on empty!

Our energy is like our gas. You need it to survive and to thrive. There are different types of givers and takers. Some people can be energizing and others can be energy depleting.

There are Premium Fillers and Premium Takers, just like there are Regular Fillers and Regular Takers.

Be mindful of the difference between each of them. We are products of our environment. If you find yourself being a Premium Filler for others, but don’t spend any time getting your own tank refueled with the premium energy (or even regular) then you may find yourself #exhausted a lot of the time. This is the place you want to avoid, if possible.

How to Avoid Running out of Fuel (your Energetic Life Force):

1. Practice being present in the moment.

The present moment is our gift and it’s 100% FREE. It’s in this moment that you can regain clarity, find calm, and quiet all of the other noise. This is the place that you can escape to at any point in time to regroup and harness the infinite intelligence of all possibilities at once. Tune into the stillness and practice letting go of any worry, stress, or fear. Practice breathing and focusing only on your breath at this moment. Focused breathing helps to calm your central nervous system.

2. Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with.

Start paying attention to the type of energy they exude, because you will absorb it if you aren’t careful or mindful. If you surround yourself with people who think, talk, and act in negative ways then it's safe to assume you are partaking in that type of energetic frequency. They are vibrating at a low frequency - one of lack and limitation. The more you surround yourself with that type of energy the stronger its impact will be on you and your energy level. You should want to be around Premium Fillers, not premium takers.

3. Figure out what fills your cup.

Let’s be honest, life can get stressful. We have a To-Do List a mile long, a family to take care of, a business to run, or a test to study for. We get stressed. We get overwhelmed. We MUST be mindful of our energetic life cup. When you feel like it’s running low, find a way to refuel.

  1. Exercise is a great way to fuel your cup. It seems like it would be the opposite, but for some, exercise increases your energy levels especially the more frequently you do it.

  2. Take a personal day to just rest or relax.

  3. Read a book, listen to Audible or a Podcast.

  4. Do something that makes your soul sing - ignite your passion (sing, dance, etc).

  5. Talk to someone or spend time with a friend.

  6. Take a walk and spend some quiet time in nature.

4. Eat a healthy diet.

The foods we eat give us energy. If you are not eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods then you are not giving your body the adequate energy it needs to function properly. Be mindful of what you eat and drink, and pay attention to how it makes you feel energetically.

5. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is our bodies way of refueling and regenerating itself. We need an adequate amount of good, restful sleep. Make sure you get off of the screen (TV, computer, phone) a few hours before you plan to go to sleep. The light from these screens tricks our brains into thinking it’s daylight and will reduce the amount of melatonin released into our bodies. Melatonin is what helps us sleep.

It’s important to understand that we live in an #electromagnetic Universe.

Everything is #energy and that's all there is! ~ Albert Einstein

It’s the duality of life - positive and negative. The electromagnetic flow - a give and a take. There must be balance.

Balance is the key. If you expend all of your energy without being reenergized, then what else can you expect? You will run out of fuel and end up empty.

Cars do the same.

Cell phones.



We all need to find balance and ways to refuel when our energy is running out. We need to get our fuel from somewhere.

Where is that for you? _______________________ Fill in the blank and TAG IT!

Where have you been spending your energy and not getting a ROI? _____________________

Be honest with yourself.

Your intuition knows, because it’s your soul force that can guide your way through life…Follow your intuition.

Listen to the still, small voice within. It’s only as loud as your willingness to listen. Slow down. Take a breath. REFLECT.

How do you feel? Where do you feel fulfilled and where do you feel a longing or sense of lack?

Where do you feel exhausted? Take note of this.

Now, identify one thing you can do to put some fuel back into your energetic soul tank.

When will you do it? Make a commitment to yourself right now to take action and FILL YOUR CUP!


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